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Coach, Cross Country
Mingo Central Comprehensive High School
Principal, Mingo Central Comprehensive High School
Recruit student-athletes to participate on and develop community support for a team in collaboration with school and community partners
Conduct practices and conditioning, as appropriate, to develop student-athlete skills and prepare for interscholastic athletic competitions
Conduct practices, games, and any other team activities, whether formal, informal, on-campus, off-campus, organized, or impromptu in compliance with WVSSAC rules and West Virginia and Mingo County Boards of Education policies and guidelines
Ensure that student-athletes develop academic, athletic, and social skills necessary to meet the requirements of the school and their sport
WV Professional Teaching Certificate or Temporary Authorization for Coach
$750 for completion of the assignment

Pending board approval of resignation of current employee.

Posted Dates
February 04, 2019 - February 15, 2019

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