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Instructional Coach
Williamson PK-8 School
Principal, Williamson PK-8 School
Guide teachers, model lessons, and provide feedback to colleagues in order to successfully implement instructional programs and exemplary instructional strategies.
Plan and implement professional learning communities among and with the teachers at his/her school.
Provide embedded professional development and lead implementation of new curriculum and assessment strategies and programs.
Along with the principal and assistant principal of his/her assigned building, support the development and implementation of curriculum and instruction for grades PK - 8.
Along with the principal and assistant principal of his/her assigned building, develop and implement a high quality professional development plan for PK - 8 teachers and assistant teachers.
Support the development and implementation of the school Title I plan and support activities as designated by the county Title I administrator.
Along with the principal and assistant principal of his/her assigned building, monitor and guide implementation of relevant West Virginia Board of Education and Mingo County Board of Education policies and procedures regarding Early Learning and Middle Level Programming, including but not limited to WVBE policies 2200, 2322, 2340, 2419, 2510, 2512, 4373, and 5310, and College- and Career-Ready Content Standards and Objectives.
Provide support for the development of the school strategic plans.
Attend professional development opportunities at the county, region, state, and national level as required by the Director of Early Learning Programs.
Maintain detailed records and logs of activities and submit information and reports as appropriate to the principal, Director of Early Learning Programs, Superintendent, and the West Virginia Department of Education.
Other duties as assigned by the principal.
Minimum five years of experience in a public school system.
Minimum of a master’s degree related to the public school system.
West Virginia Professional Teaching Certificate endorsed for Elementary Education, Early Education, Early Childhood, or Multi-Subjects.
Demonstrated success in teaching and curriculum development in one or more grades PK - 8.
Demonstrated success in planning, developing, and implementing high quality professional development.
Demonstrated ability to integrate technology and research-based instructional strategies.
Early Childhood Education (PK-Adult)
Early Education ()
Elementary Education ()
Multi-subjects ()
Contract length
210 days
Salary based on experience and education level per Mingo County Supplemental Salary and Extended Contract Schedule.

“This position posted pending board action to accept the resignation of the incumbent.”

Posted Dates
July 13, 2017 - July 19, 2017

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